Note from the organizers: Please enjoy this message from 1aim, one of our sponsors.

We are a technology-driven engineering start-up dedicated to engineering next generation products. Our first product, LightAccess Pro, an identity and access management system, aims to address frustrations related to outdated hardware of buildings such as RFID systems and physical keys.

LightAccess Pro replaces the limited access systems of today and takes position as the solution of the future by allowing you to open any door with any phone as well as increasing workplace flexibility and transforming the building into more of a responsive component of our daily lives. Now it’s possible to manage buildings remotely by sending virtual keys through e-mail, SMS or via our LightPass app.

Our back-end is 100% written in rust and that’s why we are happy to support this year’s RustFest once again!

We engineer all our hardware and software entirely in-house in our 1aim office in Berlin. We have an international (19 nations and counting), highly multidisciplinary team of 30 spirited Berliners.

We believe that the best products are created when engineers with different technical backgrounds work together. That’s why mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, embedded software developers, software developers and industrial designers all work together at 1aim.

When we couldn’t find a good enough solution to help us apply our software technology to revolutionise the door, we decided to create our own cutting edge technology. We look to cultivate that kind of thinking in our team. We encourage everyone to think outside the box and push boundaries of what is technically possible.

It’s important to us that all members of our team are involved in the creative process so we empower everyone to focus on what they do best and provide them with time and space to work on a single project. We don’t do daily stand-up meetings and consciously work to remove as much management overhead as possible!

At 1aim, we want to make sure everyone has a great experience both in and out of the office, which is why we take care of the difficult tasks involved in relocating, such as visa assistance, housing for the first few months and help finding a place to live in Berlin.

Our ultimate goal is to create and integrate more technology with our identity and access management system, enabling us to eventually make intelligent and responsive buildings a reality. We are committed to open source and understand the power of community, so if you are interested in hearing about our role in the Rust community or if you want to be a part of our vision, come have a chat with us during RustFest. You can also apply at