First off: we’re blown away by the interest in RustFest Global. That’s extra encouragement for the whole team to bring you the longest RustFest ever. Go and register for RustFest Global now and then read on.


Perhaps the most anticipated part for the conference is talks. This year we have got over 80 submissions. A big shoutout to our program committee who all invested quite some time to select the talks we can host at RustFest. Thanks to @a_hoverbear, @dorayaki_kun, @tamacodechi, @sassela, @m_ou_se, Iñaki & Wouter!

And now without further ado we can present to you the full list of talks:

RustFest Global Schedule

21 talks by 24 speakers, anchored in 3 different timezones. We are going to hear about error messages, robots, serialization, secret types and protocol development. We will learn about vector graphics, how Rust can be used scientific programming or how to bring Rust to a new embedded platform. And that’s just a small subset of topics our speakers will talk about. The talks will cover beginner topics as well as more advanced ones. So no matter if you’re just getting started with Rust or been programming it for years, there will be interesting content.

Take a look at the full schedule. We will have 3 talks in Japanese, but English subtitles will be provided for all talks. And because we don’t know where you are, you’ll be able to see the schedule in your timezone of course!

Stay tuned for more announcements!

RustFest is becoming a real festival this year. To entertain you all even between talks we have partnered up with an amazing lineup of artists who will bring the music & visual entertainment right into your homes! Stay tuned for individual announcements.

There will be close to 20 hours of content in total, including talks & artists. So don’t wait and register for RustFest Global now!, even if you’re only around for a short part of that. If you registered you will be able to rewatch talks at anytime after they aired.