tl;dr: Register for RustFest Global now!, but read on for the details.

We are less than 3 weeks away from the conference, our speakers are selected and are now busy preparing their talks.

The New Look

Today we’re launching the new RustFest Global 2020 website!

Behind the scenes we’ve been busy modernizing our setup to make it easier for us to maintain up-to-date information on our website, allow customization where we need it and of course to roll out our brand new design.

We are really proud of the work our designers from Ura Design done on refreshing the RustFest brand and we hope you all will love it as much as we do.

In the next couple of days we will start filling the website with the actual talk details and schedule for the conference.

Register for RustFest Global

With just 3 weeks to go it’s about time we gave you all a chance to register! An online conference has very different challenges & costs compared to in-person physical events, but also a far wider potential reach, and accessible to a broader audience.

RustFest Global will have content for a solid 20 hours, and yet it is still a very affordable conference. We of course don’t expect everyone to sit through it all, we made sure to sprinkle plenty of breaks around and our access passes (“tickets”) come with features that allow you to catch up on any missed talks at your own pace! You can find out more on the website).

As in previous years we offer tickets priced at a wide range of options. Our Community tickets sell for 30€ (or your currency’s equivalent), while Standard tickets cost 100€.

We know that just those two options (even with the free live stream) won’t make RustFest globally accessible for everyone – and we truly mean it when we say everyone should be able to join us, so for a limited time we are also offering “Pay-What-You-Can”-Tickets. Just choose the ticket that you can safely afford (and yes, this also includes a free registration option!).

All the tickets provide the same level of access, the only difference being the price. That said, we do request you purchase the 100€ ticket if your employer is paying or reimbursing the ticket, or if you can afford to support us and the wider Rust community (we have a writeup on how money is spent at Rustfest!).

NOTE: all tickets come with a proper tax receipt, so if you are buying yourself, are a freelancer or non-profit you are encouraged and welcome to opt for any of the lower-price tiers.
Please also note that in some jurisdictions VAT/GST is added to the price.

We have put up answers to a whole bunch of questions around our ticketing on our website at Tickets & Access, and we have a handy guide with the differences between the free live stream and the one for holders of access passes (tickets).

Register for RustFest Global now!