Tickets batch sale

First of all, more tickets are on the way! A new standard tickets batch will be very soon available at the ticket sale page, grab them while they’re hot!

Check the Twitter announcement.

Call for Proposals

Last week we closed the CfP (Call for Proposals) submission window, we allowed a couple more days to really give everyone a chance to submit.

We received 50 interesting proposals to fill up the talks slots for the upcoming Rustfest in Rome, thank you so much! Now it’s our turn to open the envelopes and choose those that will make to the conference. As usual, the choice will be tough, all the topics submitted looks absolutely .

Like every year, there’s a preliminary selection; here is a draft of the schedule, to be refined and finalized:

Talk type amount planned
Keynotes 2
15min format 2
30min format 7


We are excited to announce our keynote speaker lineup.

This time around, we want to try something new: while the first keynote will be held by Aaron Turon, the second keynote will be replaced by what we call the “Project Highlight”.

For the first iteration, we’re going to put Increasing Rust Reach. This awesome project connects people around the globe with Rust projects and - running in its second year - has a lot of interesting learnings to present!

“Project Highlight” will be presented by Ashley Williams, Alan Kavishe and Lee Baillie.

Here is a short bio of the speakers.

Aaron Turon

Aaron Turon is the current lead of the Mozillas Rust Team, helping build the Rust language and ecosystems together with an incredible, worldwide community of contributors.

Aaron has an academic background in concurrency as well as verification and programming language design.

He currently lives in Portland, Oregon.

Ashley Williams

Ashley is an engineer at Integer32, contracting for Mozilla on the Rust Programming Language. She is a member of the Rust Core team, leads the Rust Community Team, and is a member of the infra and cargo teams.

Previously, she worked as an engineer at npm, the package manager for JavaScript, and currently is the Individual Membership Director on the Node.js Foundation Board of Directors.

A long time teacher, Ashley has focused much of her energy on education programs for open source projects, founding NodeTogether in 2016 and currently leading the RustBridge and Increasing Rust’s Reach initiatives. She has represented teachers’ perspectives at TC39 meetings to influence the growth of JavaScript and continues to be passionate about growing the web through her work on WebAssembly.

Alan Kavishe

Alan is a software developer with a background in electronics engineering, who lives in Namibia and spends his days coding JavaScript and composing choral pieces. He saved his first program onto a cassette tape and then proceeded to pop the tape into a stereo just to hear what it’d sound like. Turns out that’s a whole genre of music.

Lee Baillie

Lee Baillie herds Rubies and wrangles JavaScripts (occasionally also tending to the Rust garden) at Tilde in Portland, OR, mainly in the context of building Skylight, a Rails performance profiler. In their spare time, they enjoy hanging out with their dog JPEG, exploring the beautiful outdoors of the PNW, and lifting heavy things only to put them down again.

impl Days

What would a RustFest be without impl Days! The impl Days will take place on November, 26th-27th 2018. We are contacting possible venues to find a good spot to allow rustaceans enjoy the event and do something awesome together.