We’re super excited to introduce you to Rust in Arts, a brand new addition to the RustFest Global 2021 lineup, happening on November 20th 2021!

As a small reminder, RustFest Global is the umbrella event for several standalone conferences that we call “Editions”. Read more about it in the announcement blog post.

Rusty art, artsy Rust

Rust in Arts aims to combine two very exciting things: low-level programming and creative uses of technology. So I want to spend a minute to talk about art and creative ways to use technology.

Creative tech covers a wide range of topics that include (but are not limited to!) generative art, physical computing, light art, audio-visual things and AI, each with several sub-categories that are fascinating and exciting.

From real-time or data-driven, generative art, to working with motors and sensors in interactive installations or managing audio signals to control LEDs, a lot of projects require exactly the features that systems-level languages like Rust offer to solve unique problems they’re facing. For outsiders it’s easy to underestimate how much technical knowledge is required to create such a piece of digital art!

There have been occasional “artsy talks” scattered around previous RustFests and then RustFest Global 2020 featured an arts section and talks about computer generated art. Building up on that, it is time to offer artists and their projects a stage that focuses on the extraordinary things they’re doing. Rust in Arts is here to be that stage!

How can I join? What can I contribute?

Since Rust in Arts is the first of its kind, it’s open to a multitude of possible proposals in regards to both content and format!

For formats, everything from a classic talk about your project to a rundown of your installation and live performance is possible. Want to do a group exhibition around using the same crate? A dramatic reading of your generated Rust source-code? Propose whatever you think does your project justice (and is somewhat possible in an online space)!

As for content, your proposal does not need to focus on Rust (or include it at all!) as long as you think it’s still interesting to Rustaceans or low-level programmers. Obviously, it’s also cool if it does feature Rust!

Already know what you want to submit? Head over to the RustFest Global CFP!

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