We are very please to announce what the second day of RustFest will look like. As mentioned previously, thanks to the amazing sponsorship of Microsoft, we will have the entire venue to ourselves all of Sunday, too – and we will make it the central Chill-out and Hack’n’Greet-Location. However, the place isn’t particularly suited to host independently hacking and learning groups. So we’ve reached out to the community in Berlin and found a few venues, who are happy to host these instead.


First and foremost: we are super psyched to announce that the very first RustBridge will do a Beta-Run of their yet-to-be-finalized workshop on Sunday. Organised in collaboration with OpenTechSchool Berlin and hosted by Martin Br:osamle, Eduard Bopp, RustFest Organiser Johann Hofmann and our very own keynote speaker Hanneli Tavante this workshop is meant as an introduction to Rust to beginners with little prior programming experience. As such, participation will not be require to have RustFest Ticket: anyone is invited to come.

While the final RustBridge is targeting absolute beginners without any prior programming experience, for this beta run we will ask that you should have at least have taken part in a Rails Girls or OpenTechSchool Workshops weekend or similar. Secondly, this edition will also have a more advanced course material, which aims more towards people with some more programming experience and goes deeper in Rust itself.

If you are interested in participating for either edition, or are interested in coaching, you can find all details and sign up over on the OpenTechSchool Community Forum (you might have to create a login to sign up). That is also the place to ask any questions you might have about this.

Sign up here.

Topic Rooms

For the other workshops, we opted for a more open ad-hoc style (other than the stricter schedule that RustBridge requires). Rather than organising structured materials, we’ve instead decided to dedicate “rooms” to certain topics and allow people to “bring their own materials”. We know of a few, who’ve been working on smaller to mid-size materials and workshops and invite all of you to share them in the appropriate “room” with the others.

Essentially the idea is that there will be specific places where you’ll find people discussing and working on a dedicated topic. For now, these topics will be:

Please feel free to propose and discuss topics you’d like in the issues linked. And please indicate by clicking of the 👍-button if you intend to join that room for the day (so we can assign rooms as participation requires).

Thanks to the supporters

As mentioned already in the beginning, this wouldn’t be possible without the great support from the community in Berlin. A very special thank you to all these awesome venues for hosting us on Sunday:

And another shout out for the always awesome OpenTechSchool (Berlin), who are helping us organise the RustBridge workshop: