How about enjoying Rust in the french capital? After the adventures in Berlin, Київ, and Zürich, it’s time to gather our luggages in Paris, France! We hope you’ll join us on May 26th and 27th, 2018 at the incredible Espace Saint-Martin in the center of Paris.

The Eiffel tower and a statue, photo by Hoverbear

What is Rustfest again? It’s a two day conference involving one day of workshops, and one day of talks! We aim for a diverse set of talks: technical and non-technical, advanced and beginner friendly content, live coding, panel, or slide based. If you like Rust, the community, or just hacking in general we aim to have something to appeal to you. This year the conference will host up to 300 awesome folks. It occurs bi-annually in a different city each edition.

Want to attend? Pencil the date in your calendar! Like previous editions, we’ll release a few ticket batches to ensure you get a chance to get your ticket. In the meantime, why not explore hotel/AirBNB options as well as things to do? Check out the venue page for more.

Need to convince your boss? Some talking points: RustFest is the only non-US based conference focused on Rust and the community around it. We are a community conference with (very) affordable tickets, and we can issue invoices to companies.

What is it like? Talks can be found online for Berlin, Київ and Zürich. The conference is much more than that though, and you’ll have the opportunity to meet people who work on some of the projects and efforts you know and love, share in fine cheese and bread, and drink world famous wine with your new and old friends.

Want to speak? The Call for Proposals is open! We would love to hear your proposal for a talk, workshop or discussion. Make sure to submit before March 17, 2018 at 12:00am UTC! As always, we’ll be prioritizing talks not yet recorded at Rust conferences.

Note this is a hard deadline this year, we will not be able to extend as timelines are already very tight. Submit early.

Haven’t spoken before but want to? Submit! It’s totally okay! If we accept your talk in our (blind) selection procedure we’re happy to be your first experience. If you’d like, we’re also happy to mentor you to give you some tips.

Want to volunteer? It’s great to have a few locals who’d like to help attendees enjoy the experience. If you’d like to help guide a cohort of fellow hackers to your favorite restaurant, give directions, or just generally help out and make a bunch of awesome friends please let us know here.

Barriers to participating? Not all of us can easily attend these events for a variety of reasons. We’ll be working with Diversity Tickets again. If the ticket cost itself is your only barrier, let us know.

Want to help someone else attend? Have a conference budget? We will be selling supporter tickets as well, with the additional funds being used for inclusivity and diversity efforts. If you can, consider helping our fellow community members.

Want to help organize? If you’d like to be part of our organizing team please introduce yourself and let us know at We prefer it if team members are interested in helping for multiple events, especially if you might be interested in helping bring a RustFest to your area.

Isn’t Sunday Mother’s Day? Yes! We’re going to follow up with something more about this, but if you’re a mother please get in touch with us, we’re currently trying to arrange childcare (free, of course) and we allocated a batch of free tickets for mothers. Additionally, mothers are welcome to apply for diversity sponsorships (released in the next couple weeks) if they require travel support.

So, we hope to see you soon in Paris! Keep hacking and don’t be afraid of the compiler!