Go and register for RustFest Global now and then read on, because we have more information to share.


We have 21 talks from speakers from all around the world. Check out the full schedule! Don’t worry if you can’t be there for a talk live when it is first streamed, you can rewatch all of them afterwards.


RustFest is becoming a real festival this year. To entertain you all even between talks we have partnered up with an amazing lineup of artists! Once more check the Schedule for the full lineup.

RustFest Global: 11 artists, 4 continents, sketchnoters and a bard

Access passes

As an online conference there’s no room to fit y’all into, and thus no reason to be sold out. You can still get one of our Standard or Community passes, even while the conference is running! No matter which option you choose this gives you full access to the conference, the chat and recordings after the conference.

In fact you will even be able to purchase an access pass after the conference, if you cannot wait for the final recordings to be released on the Rust YouTube channel.

Equipped with your access pass you can now go confirm it on watch.rustfest.global and register for the chat.

With that said …


As we can’t all meet in the hallway to chat about Rust this year we invite you to chat online instead! We’re hosting our own Matrix server this year, with dedicated conference and speaker rooms. You’ll be able to chat with other attendees & speakers at any time before, during and after the conference.

RustFest Global presents: RustCh.at. A shared chat service for all rustaceans built on the Matrix platform

If you already have a Matrix account on some other server you will be able to use that one without problems. Just let us know your Matrix ID during registration and you will receive an invitation to the conference rooms. If you don’t have an account you can create a new account when confirming your access pass.

Web Monetization

We have one more thing prepared to support our speakers and artists. At RustFest Global we are experimenting with Web Monetization, a fairly new web standard that aims to make supporting creators easier. As part of this, all attendees can join our experiment and help us distribute several thousand dollars among our speakers and artists to support them and in compensation for their hard work.

Read our full guide on Web Monetization for details.

You can claim a coupon code for a Coil membership in the “Freebies” section after logging into our conference experience at watch.rustfest.global (please note that we have a limited number of coupon codes which are given out on a first-come-first-served basis). After registering you probably need to install the Browser addon/WebExtension and then you’re all set!

Enjoy the conference!