At long last, a schedule!

We’re proud to announce our lineup for RustFest 2016 in Berlin!

Click here to view the schedule!


Starting at 9:00 and going until 19:00, Saturday is full of talks at the Microsoft Atrium (image, click to view HTML-Version):

On Saturday your ticket includes breakfast snacks, lunch, cake and dinner. Coffee and cold drinks will be served for free throughout the day. For the evening we invite you for drinks and (pay-your-own) beers in the Microsoft Eatery in front of the Conference Venue – and yes, the XBox’s will be available for playing, too.

Note: If you are in Berlin and just want to meet the community during the Saturday evening event, Tickets for that will be available very soon!


Starting we invite you to join us once again for coffee and a breakfast snack (from 9:30) to the Atrium for a keynote to kick off the day. Before flocking off to the workshop rooms or stay at the Atrium to meet other community members. Finally, we’ll close the event at the Atrium with the closing keynote at 5pm.

Workshops are located at the Microsoft Atrium, Co.up and ThoughtWorks Werkstatt which are a short transit trip. You can check out the transport post to see how to get to them. Drinks will be provided throughout the day at all venues.