The schedule is long awaited and it is the one thing the organisation has to make sure is interesting and digestible. Plus the topics should be varied.

So where is the schedule? Since the talks are already published on the website, how hard can it be? Well here is the current draft:

Time Talk or Event
08:30 Registration opens
09:00 Introduction from local orga team + sponsors
09:30 Opening keynote
10:45 Coffee break
12:30 Lunch break
14:00 Afternoon talks
15:05 Coffee break
16:55 Closing keynote
17:40 Tips for Rome, the Workshops and final words from the team
17:55 Family photo
18:00 Doors close

You might be wondering “did they just write times like :40 and :05?” Yes we did! There are some Swiss people in the orga and to maximize the amount of talks we will be punctual and on time.

If you are a speaker, we will give you hints on when to come to an end. Also, if you would like to allow the audience to ask questions, that has to fit into you slot.

If you are an attendee, please be aware that talks will start definitively on time and - unless they finish ahead of the allotted time slot - there will be time only for a quick question or two. Speakers will be around after their talks for in depth discussions.

We still sell tickets

Our final batch of tickets is 🎟 live on tito 🎟.

These tickets will stay around until they sell out or shortly before the conference.

Our Friends at Threema

We’re happy to welcome Threema as a sponsor for Rome. Threema is a Swiss🇨🇭 company providing highly secure messaging solutions for both private users and business customers. The Threema app has won numerous awards for its security, metadata restraint, and usability. Their push relay written in Rust is running in production and waking up countless phones daily. Recently, they released the first version of their iOS app that contains Rust code, powering the Threema Web integration!