With the next iteration of RustFest coming it means it’s time for new TwirfIterator! Welcome to our first Some(Post).


Our CFP is open again! Please consider submitting! Not everyone will be selected as a speaker, but taking time to think of a topic and put together a proposal can cause other, even unrelated, epiphanies!

Your talk could be about anything (even tangentially) Rust related. It could be about code, about stories from the trenches (of debugging), theory, or anything in between! Please check the link to learn more, even if the idea of speaking is a bit intimidating. You can do it!

Supporter tickets and Diversity fund donations

Just like previous events we will do our best to support underrepresented groups by arranging travel, accommodation, and tickets for them. Apply here for support.

If you would like us to sponsor more people, please consider a Supporter Ticket (240€ inc. VAT) or a Diversity Fund Donation.

We will be releasing the student and standard tickets in March. Be patient!

impl Days for RustFest<Paris>

In Zürich we extended the conference for two days of open hacking and development supported by mozilla. During the two days about 30 to 40 people were discussing, building, collaborating, and having fun. The close proximity of community members gave a huge boost. Things as simple as asking being able to question face-to-face can dramatically improve productivity.

We plan something similar for Paris in the two days after RustFest Paris. If you would like to join us please book your hotel until the 28th or 29th of May. Yes, your conference ticket includes the impl days.

Little crabs

Like in the sea the older ones should care for the little ones. With that in mind, we are looking into child care for conference attendees.

If you would like to bring your own little rustacean, contact us before 2018-03-13 so we can plan for child care. Please include: