Starting today at 17:00 CEST you can buy Supporter Tickets to RustFest Rome (244€ inc. VAT)! Secure your place and make the conference more awesome! Our diversity sponsorship pool is also open, for helping people from underrepresented groups attend RustFest. Please consider supporting the initiative by making a donation.


The Call for Proposals will open Monday, September 3rd! We would love to hear your proposal for a talk. Make sure to submit before September 16, 23:59:00 UTC! As always, we’ll be prioritizing talks not yet recorded at Rust conferences.

You are free to talk about anything Rust-related, come and share your own personal Rust experience! From code, to community and not forgetting experiences in production, best practices, theory or anything in between. We are happy to hear it from you.

First time speaking? Submit! It’s totally okay! If we accept your talk in our (blind) selection procedure we’re happy to be your first experience. If you’d like, we’re also happy to mentor you to give you some tips.

This year for the evaluation of the CfP will be done by a committee of community members! More news will come soon!

Diversity support pool donations

Just like previous events we will do our best to support underrepresented groups by arranging travel, accommodation, and tickets for them by working with Diversity Tickets again. The application for free diversity tickets and travel sponsorship will open soon!

Our Diversity Sponsorship pool is a monetary fund reserved for the sole purpose of enabling our diversity program’s awardees to attend and enjoy RustFest.

When buying your ticket you are able to contribute to our Diversity Sponsorship pool for donations. These are pay-what-you-want style donations that you can find in the RustFest ticket shop, and by buying them you support us in our mission to help more of our awardees afford enjoying RustFest with us.

Please note that contributing to this pool does not include conference access, they are not tickets. An actual conference ticket needs to be purchased for attending RustFest.

Supporter conference tickets

Supporter tickets enable us to provide a great conference experience while keeping the ticket price affordable for everyone. By buying the Supporter ticket (priced at 244€ inc. VAT) you help us improve the conference, provide transcription, video recordings, on-site childcare etc.

We will be also releasing in batches standards tickets starting from September as follows:

impl Days for RustFest<Rome>

In Zürich and Paris we extended the conference for two days of open hacking and development.

We plan something similar for Rome in the two days after RustFest Rome. If you would like to join us please book your hotel until the 26th or 27th of November. Yes, your conference ticket includes the impl days.