With some further ado, this week’s news.

First batch standard tickets

We proudly announce the first batch of regular tickets! These tickets for 120€ (inc. 20% VAT) include the conference and the impl days in Paris.

We allocated 40 tickets in this batch, available now here. Once this batch is sold out we will announce two more in the near future.

Speaking of the impl days, we would love to welcome you Monday, 28-th and Tuesday, 29-th at Mozillas Paris office.

Local communities

Mozilla Paris has been hosting a Rust meetup since 2014. That group has over 750 registered members! It has taken place once a month since its creation. During this time, we had the luck to welcome some huge (french!) crate creators but also great international rustaceans.

Locals from academia and industry alike have shown interest in Rust. The Rust Paris Meetup itself was bootstrapped by local students. In addition, local companies such as Snips and Scality use Rust in production.

If you ever have the chance, don’t hesitate to come by and say hello while talking about Rust!

CfP process explained

The first step is to go to cfp.rustfest.eu and read the long section of text. If you agree with the process you should register an account and submit your talk or workshop.

The anonymous abstract

We designed our process to be as fair as possible. With that in mind we require all submissions to be anonymous. The reviewers will not accept talks signed with names.

If you are wondering “How can I submit a talk about my favorite crate if it is a famous one that is easily attributed to me?”, our answer comes in two parts:

The selection

After the deadline on Saturday March 17, 2018 at 12:00am UTC the team will vote on the submissions in two anonymous rounds of voting: The first round rates each talk on a scale from 1 to 10. The top-N (~30) submissions are rated again on a 3-point scale (“meh”, “yay”, “MUST HAVE”).

After that we de-anonymise so we can (finally) bias against speaker details (e.g. to find a mix of seasoned and new speakers). We do want new speakers on the conference, so don’t fear losing out to “the pros” in the last minute.

The information

Once the proposals are voted on, we will start to inform the proposers within a week. If you do not hear from us please check you spam folder first.

It is also possible that you talk would have been accepted but we could not fit it in yet. In that case we will inform you after two weeks.