This week we announced some speakers, confirmed some workshops, and prepped for releasing our final ticket batch.

More Tickets

We’ll be releasing another batch of tickets on Monday Sept 11 at 00:01. This will be your last chance to get a normal (or student) ticket for RustFest. As before you’ll be able to purchase your tickets via 🎟 this link 🎟. We hope to see you there!

Speaker/Workshop Announcements

This week Flaki spent some time making our talk pages gorgeous (even in your fancy Twitter cards), you put your 👀 here if you want to see for yourself. This coincided perfectly with us releasing new speakers. As you can see from the page we have a really wide-ranging set of topics and speakers.

This week we also confirmed two more workshops alongside the already announced RustBridge with Ashley Williams. We don’t really have a place to put them on the site (yet) so please see some info below:

IoT Workshop for Microcontroller and Embedded Linux Systems with James Munns and Amit Levy

This workshop will be a hands-on training for developing bare-metal and embedded Linux systems using Rust. You will use Tock-OS to create a low power Bluetooth sensor node on a Hail development board, and build a Smart IoT Gateway using a Raspberry Pi 3.

Training and hardware will be provided for developing Rust software on both Microcontroller and Embedded Linux based systems. Attendees will start with a working base example for both devices, and can build new functionality from there. Some experience with Rust and either (or both) Microcontroller or Linux systems is recommended.

Networking & Web Working Group with Yann Leretaille and Andrew Hobden

In this workshop we hold an open space for those attendees interested in the web or networking to come, share what they’ve been working on, ask for advice, or learn about new techniques. There is no set content or agenda, we’ll start the day by gathering a list of topics, and throughout the day anyone who wants to will have a chance to speak to them.

If you’re interested in Tokio, Hyper, distributed systems, Gotham, Rocket, interacting with databases, or if you’re interested in trying out speaking in a small group, this workshop might be a good choice for you.

Libz Blitz Finishes

This week Libz Blitz participants recieved their final confirmations and sponsorships. Congratulations to our participants: You supported the Rust community, and our friends at 1aim are very proud to support you on your journey to RustFest. Thank you!

Our Friends at ThoughtWorks

We’re happy to welcome back ThoughtWorks as a sponsor for Zürich. ThoughtWorks was the host venue of our first RustBridge back in Berlin. We reached out to our friend Lisa there and she gave us this little synopsis of ThoughtWorks:


We are a software company and a community of passionate, purpose-led individuals.

We think disruptively to deliver technology to address our clients’ toughest challenges, all while seeking to revolutionize the IT industry and create positive social change.