More tickets

Since Tuesday 7am (CEST) the second, bigger batch of regular tickets is on sale now. As before, student discount are applicable. We also still have a select few supporter and combo tickets available. The next and final batch of tickets will be announced once these are sold out. Make sure to grab them now.

Further more the application for diversity tickets has closed. Submissions are reviewed while we speak, a member of the team will contact you shortly.

Special Guest Talk:The Rust That Could Have Been by Marijn Haverbeke

We are very excited to announce our special guest speaker: Marijn Haverbeke. Many know Marijn as the author of the Eloquent Javascript, Code Mirror and his latest project Prose Mirror. Lesser known is the fact that he has also been involved in the Rust compiler and language during its early days in 2011/2012, Marijn will take us on a journey about features that were in pre-1.0 but were removed – for the better, he argues.

Marijn's talk

How to vote (in the Berlin elections)

If you have a European passport and are an official resident of Berlin, you should have received your Wahlbenachrichtigung für die Wahlen zum Abgeordnetenhaus von Berlin und zur Bezirksverordnetenversammlung earlier this week. After a short wondering what this is about, you might have noticed that the day of the election is Sunday September 18th 2016 – the RustFest Workshop day. Oh noes!

Of course you could sneak away on Sunday, it is a more open format after all. But you might have to travel far to get to your “Wahllokal” to cast your ballot, and who wants to leave this awesome community in the first place? Not to worry though, Germany is a decent representative democracy, so there are ways you can cast your vote without having to go there during RustFest.

The quickest is to just cast your vote before the elections at the “Briefwahlstelle” listed on the bottom of the first page of your notice. Just go there (opening hours listed), bring your ID or passport and you can cast your vote right there and then. If you can’t make it there (because you have a job), you can also apply to cast your vote via snail mail. For that you can either a) turn around the notice, tick the first box (“soll an meine obenstehend eingedruckte Anschrift geschickt werden”) to have it send to the address listed and sign (name and date) at the fat X, stuff it into an envelope, stamp and mail it. Or b) you fill out this online form, providing essentially the same information, so they can mail you the ballot and envelopes.

In case it wasn’t obvious yet: We really encourage you to vote if you have the chance, and even if it is only to keep the right-wing sh*theads small. And there is no reason you can’t do both: enjoy awesome RustFest and cast your vote!