Workshops 🎉

Just earlier this week we’ve made a big announcement: the organisation of the Workshop day. Aside from organising a RustBridge for beginners in collaboration with the OpenTechSchool Berlin (infos and signup here) we will have three topic-rooms.

Essentially the idea is that there will be specific places where you’ll find people discussing and working on a dedicated topic. For now, these topics will be:

Please feel free to propose and discuss topics you’d like in the issues linked. And please indicate by clicking of the 👍-button if you intend to join that room for the day (so we can assign rooms as participation requires).

Thanks to awesome sponsors

This wouldn’t be possible without all the sponsors and supporters from the local tech and global rust community. This week, we added three more to that list: Ethcore as a general sponsor for the conference and the two co-working spaces Co-Up and Mind-Space, who’ll allow to use their space on Sunday to host these awesome workshops rooms. Thanks heaps!