Next week starts with Viewsource and ends with RustFest! What a busy week! We’ve been up to lots of stuff too!

A New Sponsor!

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Thank you ThoughtWorks for your support of this community event!

Crypto Workshop Registration

You can now register for the Ethcore lead Crypto workshop!

Register Here

They have some amazing topics planned and it’ll be lots of fun! See the description here.

Web Development workshop

More of a web person? You can register for a workshop moderated by our friends at 1AIM!

Register Here

It’ll involve an overview of the current state of the ecosystem and a chance to try out the existing libraries.

Our Master of Ceremonies!

We’re very pleased to announce the fantastic Ryan Levick as our Master of Ceremonies! He wrote us a little biography which we’re very happy to share with you:

I’m fairly new to low level programming so it’s been a real joy learning about topics that once seemed to be reserved for those who were fluent in C or C++. I hope to shed some of my excitement on others. This stuff doesn’t need to be scary! I take a lot of my inspiration from intermezzOS and the kaleidoscope LLVM tutorials both of which I think are very approachable.