Thanks to our amazing sponsors we were able to announce two really awesome things this week:


One request we heard quite often, was whether we’ll be hosting workshops again. And while we always wanted to do it - they have been very popular in the last iteration - we were simply missing the space for it… until our awesome sponsor Bitfury stepped up! So inspired by the idea of showcasing their Rust and giving others the opportunity to learn Rust, they went scouting for a venue and offered to host the full workshop day.

Thanks to them, we’ll now have four 4h-Workshops (of 25 people each) during Saturday - light catering included. Bitfury will host one and we intend to have another iteration of RustBridge again. And the best part: it will be at no extra cost, but is all included in your current ticket. We’ll make an official announcement once all of them are ready to be booked, giving all ticket holders a short advance on picking your favorite workshop. So better get your ticket now!

Ticket Raffle & Travel Sponsorship

Meanwhile, our friends at 1aim also came up with a very special offer. As crossing that distance is a bit more expensive for many than it was last time, we are organising a ticket raffle with travel sponsorship by 1aim: You can enter the raffle by filling out this form before Monday, April 17th, to get your chance of a free ticket and 200€ of travel expenses. How awesome is that? Pretty darn awesome!

So, please give an extra hand of applause to them awesome sponsors for being awesome!

More Travel Info & Hotel Coupon Code

Lastly, we’ve also updated our travel information and added a more comprehensive hotel section to help you pick the right hotel for your budget. And additionally added some more pictures about kyiv and the venue so you can get an impression of the place we are heading to: