CfP closed

Last weeks announcement to extend the call for Papers was a big success. At closing time this Monday we had a total of 30 submissions by 29 awesome people 🎉🎊🎉, who want to present at the first RustFest in September. Unfortunately we don’t have nearly enough time to have all talks presenting at the event, so the team will spend this week on the tough job of selecting talks and inform all speakers by July 7th.

Whether your talk will be selected or not, we want to reiterate how awesome it is that you applied. We know it isn’t always easy to get the courage to put yourself out there. Thank you for doing it. You are awesome!

Mentoring Speakers

Though the Call for Papers is closed, the app isn’t yet. We have a strong mentorship programme to help speakers with their presentation if needed. If you are able and willing to help a speaker with their presentation, please do sign up at the app and click the corresponding checkbox. This allows us to easily and quickly assign mentors once the preselection status is over. Also, a big thanks to everyone, who already did and everyone, who will!

Coaching at Workshops

We are in talks with the venue and were hoping to confirm with you this week that we can host workshops there, too. But we aren’t quite there yet, however, there will be workshops around RustFest – even if not at our venue directly – and for that we’ll need Coaches. So if you have an idea for a workshop you’d like to give, coordinate or help in the making of the material or just want to help coach at a workshop itself, please email us at: !

That’s it from here, stay tuned to learn more about the venue, future sponsors and the final schedule soon!