This week we finalised the CFP. It was amazing to see many quality proposals from a variety of areas, disciplines, and backgrounds. This weekend we spent hours reviewing proposals and putting together the conference lineup. We did our best to cover both topics we yet haven’t seen at Rustfest, as well as talks featuring the evolution of topics we have previously visited.

We will be sending out emails to the accepted speakers over the next few days. If you submitted something please check your SPAM and JUNK folders if you haven’t heard anything by Tuesday evening.

XKCD Joke involving email backlog. Stick person 1: "Do you have any New Years Resolutions", Stick person 2: "Gonna finally finish dealing with those emails from 2008", Slugline: "As my Email backlog approaches 10 years, I' m starting to have doubts about my approach."

Preliminary schedule

We are currently planning to have 12 half hour talks, and 3 quarter hour talks on Saturday. The day will start at 8:30am and run until the evening. Talks will range from beginner to advanced topics, including explorations of macros 🔭, type system trickery 🎪, academic applications 📚, industrial use cases 🏭, and of course, gaming 🎮!

Then, on Sunday there will be 4+ hour workshops on Sunday that you can visit depending on your interests. We’re also trying to plan an interesting surprise on Sunday, but this is still up for debate.


At this time we have not selected workshops as we are still not sure how many workshops we will be able to host. We are hoping to sort this out soon™. So please don’t get disappointed if we don’t email you about your workshop in the next few days!

Upcoming Things

We will be releasing standard tickets alongside our talk schedule in the next two weeks. Shortly after we plan releasing more information about workshops. Finally, soon we’ll be sharing with you some of our amazing sponsors for this edition of RustFest!