First talks up

As already mentioned last week, we’ve closed the CfP and by now informed everyone about their participation. At the moment we are still in process of gathering all details and ensuring the logistics for everyone, but the basic talk schedule is clear now. Which allows us to announce the first set of confirmed speakers and their talks: 🎉

(From left to right) Stephan Hügel will be sharing with us how he taught himself Rust through the medium of coordinate system transforms and FFI, while Sonja Heinen takes us a little off the beating past and asks us to ponder with her about Hobby-oriented Programming. When porting other projects to Rust, Martin Hellspong explains us Why we’re better off using QuickCheck and if you are coming from a different language, Brian Pearce advises you to start Learning to Love the Unfamiliar. Lastly for this week, Tim Cameron Ryan takes us into the depth of programming the Internet of Things with Sensors, Servos, and Signals with Rust

We will complete this list over the next week or so. So keep an eye out for updates of our talks section on the website. And of course we’ll do a round up every week here, too.

Collaborating with View Source

We are super pleased to announce we’ll be collaborating with the awesome View Source Conference, which takes place earlier the same week as RustFest – 12-14th of September. Check it out here:

Collaboration will take place on two levels: For once the RustFest team will organise a “Discussion Area topic” around Rust at View Source (the week before). That gives us the great opportunity to introduce and deepen the relationship between the Rust- and the Web-Development-Community – if you are interested in being part of that, please email Flaki about it. On the other side, we will offer a special Combo-Ticket valid for both conferences. So, if you were pondering on going, here’s your reason!

Further more we are investigating together, if and how we could offer Diversity Sponsorships for both conferences. This hasn’t been finalized yet, however.

Update on Tickets Sales

Which also directly brings us to the ticket sales. Because of that latest development, and some back and forth with the caterer, we had to change the pricing structure a bit and thus delay it once again. But we are confident we can start ticket sales the first week of August!

Until then, have a great week!