After all the fun of last week’s talk selection, this week we are confirming availability with selected speakers, solidifying workshop plans, and releasing tickets!

Over the next few weeks we’ll be highlighting some of our confirmed talks, as well as our sponsors. Please keep your eyes 👀 peeled.

Tickets Now Available

We’ll be releasing a few batches of tickets to ensure everyone gets a chance to buy. Now, we know we’re not that popular, but we know that not everyone lives in the same timezone, and not everyone can buy tickets at work, school, or whatever.

Our first batch of tickets goes out with this post, and our next one will follow up Wednesday morning at 09:00 UTC+2 (Zürich time). The third batch we’ve not scheduled yet.

🎟🎟🎟 You can get tickets by clicking here 🎟🎟🎟

Also, consider looking for your hotels via the Zürich Tourism Offer for 10% off rooms.

Our Friends at Parity

Parity Logo

Once again our friends at Parity are supporting RustFest! We were very happy to share our first RustFest in Berlin with them, and we’re even more happy to have them back!

In addition to their financial support we’re excited to announce that Parity will be hosting a number of workshops about crypto, blockchains, and distributed systems. We’re still fleshing out the details, and will be discussing this (much) more in the future.

We asked our friend Ashley at Parity to share a bit about what they do with us. Here’s what she had to say:

Parity Technologies is building the most advanced and widely deployed Blockchain software in the world. We strive to unleash the full potential of a decentralized Web 3.0. Our vision for the Web 3.0 proposes a set of interrelated peer-to-peer technologies. We facilitate the development of decentralized applications and provide the infrastructure to build systems capable of comprehensively resisting attack.

Our work combines important aspects of cryptography, cellular systems, peer-to-peer technology and decentralised consensus architectures.

  • Parity created the most advanced Ethereum client and user interface and has become the platform of choice for developers and users of decentralized applications.
  • Parity’s current private chain offering (Proof-of-Authority) is already running on Microsoft Azure to enable enterprise customers to easily deploy secure high-performance consortium chains and is used to develop consortium chains.
  • Parity recently published a proposal for a third generation blockchain protocol called Polkadot. Polkadot is the extensible heterogeneous multi-chain protocol which will provide interoperability between disparate chains. It is designed to solve current blockchain tech’s most limiting issues, scalability & extensibility as well as privacy and the public/private blockchain dichotomy.

Interested in joining Parity Technologies? We’re hiring!

If you haven’t already check out their Github projects! Maybe you’ll even find something fun to contribute to!

Teaser: After RustFest Fun

The core team will focus the last quarter of the year 2017 on the impl period. Of course, we’d like you to be a part of it.

We’re currently talking with our friends on the Rust team about how we can facilitate some time and space after the conference for our community members to get involved. This is still an open discussion, and we’ve yet to confirm anything, but since we’re releasing tickets we know some people will start booking travel.

So, please keep this in mind and consider staying an extra couple of days. If we don’t end up pulling something together you might be stuck exploring the beautiful city of Zürich with some other Rust hackers. Doesn’t that sound just awful.