More is better right? This week we’re releasing more tickets, announcing our first speakers, and welcoming our friends at 1aim back to RustFest!

More Tickets Now Available

With our first batch of tickets totally exhausted we’re very happy to announce the second batch of tickets!

🎟🎟🎟 You can get tickets by clicking here 🎟🎟🎟

Also, consider looking for your hotels via the Zürich Tourism Offer for 10% off rooms.

Speakers: The First Three (& workshop!)

Without further ado, here are our first three speakers as well as small abstracts about their talks:

Lisa ‘lislis’ will demonstrate the ggez framework in a live coding session.

Ever wanted to make a game in Rust but didn’t know where to start? Then ggez is the framework just for you! It bundles graphics and audio crates together with a simple API so can get started straight away. In this talk I want to walk you through the making of a game with ggez from empty boilerplate to publishing a playable game.

Andre ‘llogiq’ Bogus will weave us a beautiful tale through poetry about his favorite (we hope!) language:

This talk will take on a rather diverse set of topics, each outlined in limerick form. For each topic, a short explanation, also in rhymes (though not limerick meter), will follow where applicable. Slides will vary between code examples, rustdoc screenshots and memes.

For example:

With unimplemented!() confess

to your users the method is less

than done–you can now

add a message of how

to deal with the unfinished mess.

To delve a bit more into what’s new

PR 42155 brought to you

the way to get your message through

for things that you still intend to do.

Geoffroy ‘Geal’ Couprie will delve with us into the mysteries of macros, and together we shall all leave as macromancers:

Many times you must reuse code

And your generics aren’t commode

Can you deal in the macro dark arts

Recompose code of similar parts

Or would the compiler explode?

Rejoice! Follow now our ways

Unlock the compiler’s high praise

Listen here to this initiation

Each eldritch arcane incantation

Summons help ‘gainst the terrors we face.

Yeah, bet you thought you’d only get 0 or 1 poems didn’t you? Well you get two!

Finally, we’ve confirmed one of our workshops! RustBridge hosted by Ashley Williams will be a part of our Sunday workshop day in Zürich. This workshop will be catered towards people new to the Rust community. If this is your first blush with Rust consider attending this workshop to help you hit the ground running.

We’ll be announcing further speakers (and putting up a nice schedule) soon! Keep your eyes peeled.

Our Friends at 1aim

1aim Logo

For the third(!) time at RustFest our friends at 1aim are once again joining us in Zürich! We’re very excited to welcome them back. As a company that has been using Rust in production for years now 1aim brings not only altruism (see libz blitz) and financial stability, they also bring a huge amount of expertise that they are eager to share.

As with previous years 1aim’s Yann Leretaille will be helping host our web workshop, hosted again in its traditional ad-hoc lightning-talk style. We’ll talk about this more when we put up an offical list of workshops!

In the meanwhile, please whet your appetite a bit on this brief intro to the work of 1aim:

1aim is redefining how buildings work and how we relate to the objects around us. They’re a people-centric company that combines excellence in mechanical, electrical and software engineering with an intelligent approach to design to create the best access control systems ever built. Each product has hardware, software and server infrastructure components. All product development is done in-house. Their flagship product is LightAccess Pro, the access control solution of the future.

In addition to 1aim’s sponsorship of RustFest the last 2 events, CTO Yann Leretaille, who’s also the system architect, delivered a keynote presentation. Want to join? They’re actively looking to expand their team of developers to support their Rust-powered backend.

Based in Berlin, they are also behind the upcoming launch of the Good Technology Collective, a group working to create awareness of the need for intelligent design and a global algorithm-literacy effort.

Interested in hacking or reviewing some of their stuff? Follow this link to Github!

FAQ for speakers

As we are looking forward to the talks some technical questions arise. Here are some answers to questions you might have: