Tickets will be up Monday

As announced on Friday, we will have the first batch of tickets sales start tomorrow, Monday August 1st at 3pm CEST (Berlin, Amsterdam).

This batch will exclusively sell the supporter and View Source combo tickets, regular tickets will be made available one week after, August 8th, at the same time. By buying a supporter ticket for 250€ (excl. VAT) you directly support the diversity efforts by the team, including directly increasing the amount of diversity and student tickets we can offer. If your company will be paying for your ticket, please consider these tickets – you’d help us and the community as a whole A LOT.

Secondly, View Source combo tickets, priced at 350€ (excl. VAT) for early-birds, allow you to visit View Source Conf in addition to RustFest. It’s a 3-day single-track conference about the future of the open web platform and related technologies that Mozilla organises earlier that same week in Berlin. Regular tickets will be available from August 8th at 125€ (excl. VAT).

More Talks announced

Following last weeks announcements and as planned, we announced a few more talks this week 🎉. Among others we are able to confirm the following talks:

(From left to right) We are very happy Matthieu Wipliez will be sharing his experience and Techniques for writing concurrent applications with asynchronous I/O, before Sharon Steed will dig into team communication and collaboration in her talk Empathetic communication: why vulnerability is the key to collaboration. While Kai Michaelis will show us Panopticon - A Libre Cross-Platform Disassembler in Rust and share how Rust helped them find bugs and accelerate development, Ashley Williams will take us on the Journey of how she translated a declarative Ruby DSL to an ES6 parser in Rust in Rust in Translation.

Although this already makes for an awesome and tightly packed schedule of talks, we aren’t done yet. We’ll be announcing a few more over the next few days, including the keynotes and a special guest feature.

Just as a quick reminder, we are still looking for mentors to help our speakers and venues close to ours, which would like host workshops on Sunday. Info on the main page!