Last TWIRF we teased a thing we were planning with Mozilla, this week we want to tell you more!

Impl Days After the Conference

Immediately following the conference, on October 2nd and 3rd, we’re currently planning a nice get together with some folks from the community as well as the Rust Team.

The topic of the get together will be to work on topics related to the impl period. It will be a great chance for you to work on things with your newfound (or old) friends. It will be “bring your own food” (or just go out for lunch), and while there will be some content organized by the Rust Team members present, most things will be ad-hoc. We’re hoping to get somewhere in the ballpark of 40 people involved.

Express Interest In Joining Us

So, when considering your travel, consider staying until the evening of the 2nd, or even departing on the 3rd of October! We can all have a grand time in Zürich for a bit longer.

PS: Know of a good space? Please let us know at

Our Friends at Mozilla

Mozilla Logo

If you’re a part of the Rust community then chances are that you already know about Mozilla. Many Mozilla employees are involved with the Rust project, and Mozilla Research was deeply influential to the state of the language today. Mozilla, with it’s flagship browser Firefox boasting half a billion users, is a fundamental driving force in the ecosystem of the internet today. Best of all: Firefox is running Rust, and it’s getting even more Rust integrated as you read this post.

As a long term, staunch supporter of our community around the world Mozilla continues to commit financial, physical, and digital resources to RustFest. From assistance with the RustFest libz blitz to helping with impl Days Mozilla shows they’re not just interested in helping RustFest, they’re interested in being part of RustFest. We are honored to have them part of it.