Ticket sales

Since Monday you can get early access to the conference by purchasing a supporter or View Source Conf combo ticket. Many have taken that opportunity to support us in our diversity efforts. Thanks to you and your generosity, we can offer even more tickets through diversitytickets.org (apply here if you want one) – and we can’t thank you enough. But we will try, once again: THANK YOU!

Regular sales open on Monday

A quick reminder that the first batch of for regular tickets will be up on Monday, August 8th at 3pm (CEST – Berlin Time). Of course you will still be able to purchase Supporter and Combo Tickets as long as supply lasts.

Clarification on student proof

We’ve also been approached a few times now, whether we meant you need to proof your studentship via the International Student Identity Card or if another form of proof is also sufficient. While the ISIC definitely works, we also accept any proof of matriculation our team can understand and verify, so any that is in German, English, Hungarian or Ukrainian – like a German Studentenausweis. Don’t forget to put in the discount code STUDENT when buying your regular ticket (it is only applicable there).

Keynote by Felix Klock: Subtyping in Rust and Clarke’s Third Law

Secondly, we were super happy to finally announce the first keynote – presented by Felix Klock, research Engineer with Mozilla working on the Rust compiler team. Felix’s talks Subtyping in Rust and Clarke’s Third Law will dig deep into generics and how rusts does handle subtyping within references and their lifetimes. If that sounds very abstract to you, don’t worry, it is “a talk about magic” after all (click on the image to learn more):

Keynote Felix in Short