After our meeting this week we finally made the big step: Releasing the CFP. How awesome is that!? Now you can submit your creative, original, and fun talk!

Submit your proposal or learn more here!

Some ideas to talk about:

First time speaking? That’s OK! We’d love to have you. Nervous? It’s ok, we get nervous too. It’ll be awesome, no worries.

Stories from around the campfire

We’ve resumed our weekly meetings (often spanning several timezones and countries) to bring together this event. Back in Berlin, we’ve been drawing together the plans for workshops with our old friends Parity. Also in Berlin, our friends at 1aim have been putting together a contest to help with the libz blitz (more on that below). Over in America, some of our organizers have been in touch with (and part of) the team at Rust Belt Rust to support each other and learn each others lessons. Across the globe we’ve been coordinating with various Mozillians as well as community members to support our attendees and speakers.

Local, in Zürich, we’ve been exploring (delicious) catering options. On campus, we’ve been exploring ETH to scope out an amazing atmosphere and setting for the event. We’ve even been thinking about offering screenprinting, let us know if you’re interested. Finally, we’ve been eagerly following the Rust Zürichsee chapter’s emergence. We can’t wait to share this event with you!

Libz Blitz

You may have heard about the Rust libz blitz. We think it’s an amazing initiative, and our friends at 1aim agree. In an effort to support the blitz and help people come to RustFest they’re going to be offering conference packages (hotel, ticket, and some flight costs) to 15 participants who sign up to help with the initiative.

Learn more and sign up here!