We hadn’t fully announced the new website yet, and people already asked about when they can buy the tickets. Well, you are in luck, because as off today you can

Get your Ticket now (block of tickets with prices from website)

You can find these on the main home page.

Timeline and prices

The same as last year, we are starting with offering our ✨ Supporter ✨ Ticket first (from 199€+ - available now) and will sell Regular Tickets in batches again. In order to reward who is willing to commit early, the prices will increase with every batch. They will go on sale as follows:

All prices include VAT and cover access, food and drinks to the conference and related events. Each batch as supply last but open maximum until the next opens. All Sales close April 23rd. Student Tickets available from March 3rd, too. Students must bring proof of immatriculation. Check website for details.