Past edition: Rust in Arts 🎨🎮

On November 20th we held the first Rust in Arts Edition and it was a blast!

We all enjoyed four talks from different fields of creative tech spectrum: from generative art, multimedia sequencing and tooling for pen plotters to large scale media installations. On top of that we had two game makers walking us through their in-development games and answering questions on the go in the new director’s commentary category. For entertainment we invited two artists to give our minds some time to process the wonderful and exciting things that people build with Rust.

Thanks again to all speakers!

For ticket holders all replays of Rust in Arts are already accessible on In the coming week we will make the recordings available directly on the website as well.

Canceling RustFest APAC 😢

As you might have guessed from the lack of communication this week we will have to cancel the RustFest APAC edition. Originally set for December 11th we hoped to bring you another event, tuned to the local communities and placed in Pacific/Asia timezones. Ultimately we cannot make that event happen at this time. We failed to set up RustFest APAC for success and weren’t able to spend enough time coaching new organizers & recruiting speakers. As RustFest organizers we’re deeply sorry about this. But rest assured that this is not the end of an APAC edition. We would still hope to bring you an APAC event in the next season.

Next editions: RustFest LATAM & EMEA 🦀

There is good news though! We’re well along with organizing the next 2 editions: RustFest LATAM & RustFest EMEA. These will happen in early 2022 (exact dates to follow soon). Both editions will be fully online, available everywhere, but tuned to the appropriate timezones. Talk replays will be available to all ticket holders instantaneously after the talks aired.

Are you interested in helping out? We are always looking for more helping hands, drop us an email!

Call for Proposals is still open!

Submit your talk!

We cannot emphasize it enough that everything we do at RustFest would be for naught without the creativity, knowledge and incredible spirit of the Rust community. At Rust in Arts we had first time & seasoned speakers, experience talks & interviews, pre-recorded and live talks, all within the same event.

We want the same variety of topics, speakers & talks for the next editions as well. So this is your ask to submit a talk for the upcoming RustFest editions today!


If you want you can already grab a ticket for RustFest LATAM & EMEA, and that will get you access to the Rust in Arts replays as a bonus (until we start publishing those recordings).