This Week in RustFest we finalized our schedule for Saturday and Sunday – and we have are happy to showcase one of our amazing sponsors.

Last Batch of Tickets

We have opened our third and last batch of tickets. So get them while they are still available – you’ll be able to purchase your ticket via this 🎟 Tickets 🎟 link

Talks and Workshops at RustFest Rome

Last week, we finally announced the long awaited talks lineup for Rome on our Twitter account @RustFest. We also published a sneak peek of the schedule, which is now complete and available on our website: 🎙️ Talk Schedule 🎙️

RustFest would of course not be RustFest without workshops. We already announced 🌉 RustBridge as our first workshop a few weeks back. This week we are super excited to announce the remaining workshops we are having on Sunday:

Make sure to check our website for the always up-to-date list of 🏫 Workshops 🏫 for more details.

Our Friends at Kodebox

We are excited to have Kodebox sponsor us for the first time in Rome!

Kodebox is a blockchain technology company focused on developing digital asset management solutions and services. Our project, CodeChain, is a programmable open-source blockchain technology written in Rust. It is optimal for developing and customizing multi-asset management systems. Developers who want to build their own blockchain network can leverage CodeChain’s pluggable architecture and make use of its codebase.


Why advocate Rust? The biggest pain in developing a blockchain technology is that it’s really hard to make updates to the software once it is deployed. Fortunately, Rust’s advanced type system helps us write bug-free software. Rust is an ideal programming language for developing blockchain technologies.

Rust is at the core of our technology; advances in the language also means a more robust CodeChain. This is the reason why we are really excited to be at RustFest 2018 Rome and to meet people that love the technology we are so passionate about. We look forward to meeting you all at the talks and workshops, and discuss our experience of using Rust in CodeChain. Please, feel free to reach out to our team during the event!

If you are interested in becoming a full-time Rust developer, check out our source code on github and please, send your CV to We always welcome great Rust engineers!