This week in RustFest, we have two additional workshops for you! This brings us to a total of seven different workshops for you to choose from on Sunday, November 25th.

Writing Parsers and Cutting Corners by Maciej Hirsz
or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love ASCII

Want to parse some JSON? How about a Lisp? Or maybe Yet Another Another Markup Language? Whatever the motivation, we got you covered! We will work with a very small language with a grammar written in Pest (which is amazing!), try to understand what it’s doing, and see if we can make a hand-written(-ish) parser from scratch that is faster then the Pest-based one. Then we will look through some ways to make that even faster.

Fastware by David Palm and Robin Freyler

Rust is often touted as a fast language, but the Rust compiler isn’t magic. Although Rust enables and encourages an efficient style of programming, sometimes you need to dig deep and worry about the low-level details of your code. This workshop will teach you how to get the most out of your programs, without resorting to unsafety.

The full list of all available workshops can be found on our website: Workshops at RustFest Rome

Our Friends at Parity

These two workshops are presented by Parity – they are a long-time sponsor and we are insanely grateful for their continuous support in RustFest!

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