Over a month ago we finished up RustFest Global 2020. Bringing RustFest to a huge audience in a year like 2020 was an incredibly hard task, but in the end we managed to do a 21-hour long live event online, thanks to 3 incredible teams, 24 speakers and 10 artists. Right after the event we made all talks and artist performances accessible to ticket holders.

And today we are incredibly excited that you can now watch every single RustFest Global talk and all audio-visual art session right on our website, no ticket or registration required! 📺

RustFest Global - Full Schedule

We are continuing our Web Monetization experiment, so if you are watching from a browser that supports Web Monetization you are directly supporting the speakers and artists who created the content!

All non-English talks come with subtitles, and all talks come with a transcript! We spent a ton of time ensuring the content is as accessible as possible, but please feel free to send us corrections if you notice any issues! You can find all transcripts in our RustFest transcripts repository.