If you’re a RustFest regular you may recall that last year our friends at 1aim offered conference tickets to some participants in the Libz Blitz. This year they reached out to us regarding supporting more of our community getting to RustFest. But the big question was “How!?”

You may recall as part of the 2018 roadmap (RFC 1728) and other community efforts multiple working groups have been formed around different topics. Yann, 1aim’s co-founder, reached out to these working groups and spoke with them about how to best support the teams and support contributors.

What is a Working Group?

Working groups are assemblies of contributors. Working Groups work directly with the Core Team and focus on the imporving the end-to-end user experience of using Rust in their respecitve domain. That work can involve the language, compiler, libraries, tools, documentation, discoverability, and more! The overall effort is organized by Aaron Turon (aturon).

We have also seen other groups forming such as the Formal Verification, Traits and Rust Compiler Performance working groups. Maybe we’ll even see more form!

You can also contact your lead or Yann from 1aim (Yann on irc.mozilla) directly with questions.


In their ongoing support of the RustFest community 1aim has offered to support 17 community members in coming to RustFest! 1aim will be providing the following sponsorships:

What do you get?

How do you participate? If you are nominated by a WG lead, sign up here until the 29th of April 2018. If there are more than 12 nominated applications, the winners will be randomly drawn from the pool. You will have one week to accept your invitation or it will go to someone else.

Again, big thanks to 1aim and we’re excited to see them (and you!) at RustFest this year!

1aim Logo

A little bit about our friends over at 1aim

1aim is redefining how buildings work and how we relate to the objects around us. They’re a people-centric company that combines excellence in mechanical, electrical and software engineering with an intelligent approach to design to create the best access control systems ever built. Each product has hardware, software and server infrastructure components. All product development is done in-house. Their flagship product is LightAccess Pro, the access control solution of the future.

In addition to 1aim’s sponsorship of Rust Fest last year, CTO Yann Leretaille, who’s also the system architect, delivered a keynote presentation. And good news: They’re actively looking to expand their team of developers to support their Rust-powered backend.

Based in Berlin, their founders are also founding members of the Good Technology Collective, a group working to create awareness of the need for intelligent design and a global algorithm-literacy effort.